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    Anton Paardekooper

    Managing Director / Founder

    MSc in Mechanical Engineering, 28 years of working pleasure and experience in innovative engineering companies. Driven to make the foodchain sustainable.

    Rolf Schudde


    Rolf has gained extensive experience as a manager and controller at multiple organisations in various branches. He has achieved demonstrable results in both the profit and non-profit sector. His scope is the whole financial spectrum; from administration and control to financing and investment.

    Robert Bialek

    Engineer / Founder

    The designer and builder behind many BBBLS-solutions. Robert was the creative part of the core team of all BBBLS-greenhouses.

    Knut Hovland

    Sales Manager / Founder

    Extensive experience in sales and project development in Renewable Energy and Biogas. Previously Knut has developed a solution to turn sewage into energy pallets.

    Thov Reime

    Climate Engineer

    Thov is highly skilled in climate control algorithms and construction. Involved from the start of commercial projects, he is central in the upscaling team.

    Magdalena Plizga

    Construction Engineer

    Magdalena has a Master in Civil & Environmental engineering and has 10 years of working experience in the construction and shipbuilding industry. Magdalena works on the design of our soap systems and constructions.

    Osama Alhadia

    Construction Engineer


    Osama has a background in Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Organisation. He has previously worked as an Mechanical Engineer for Mapper and as System Architect for Nearfield Instruments. At BBBLS Osama works on the contruction of our Climate Systems.

    Jan-Willem Kruijt

    Market Analyst


    Jan-Willem has a background in Medicine and a strong interest in both sustainable food systems and the circular economy. His focus is on market analysis and business development, but he is also responsible for marketing and communications.

    Haukur Sigurdsson

    Service Technician

    Haukur is a certified installer; in charge of keeping all systems running. He is also our assembly site manager in Norway.

    Casper van der Geest

    Graduate Intern

    Casper is a TU Delft Process & Energy Master student. He is currently developing a next generation tool for our climate control system.
  • Advisory Board

    As a startup,  good advice from industry experts is incredibly valuable





    Edgar Kampers

    Advisory Board / Founder


    Edgar is an Environmental and Policy expert. He has a M.A. in Political Science at The University of Amsterdam and followed the Executive Program of the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

    Luc Albert

    Advisory Board


    After a career in Financial Services, Luc is currently engaged as an investor in start-ups in Sustainability and Social Impact.

    Menko de Roos

    Advisory Board


    Menko co-founded Xicato in July 2007 and was responsible for the fast growth of the company, setting the global standard in LED lighting. After more than a decade as CEO Menko happily retired in 2018. He now invests in innovative sustainable companies and runs a housing project for single mothers.

    Anne-Claire van Altvorst

    Advisory Board


    Anne-Claire has a background of 25-years in Horticulture and High-tech Greenhouses. She has a PhD in Plant-Bio-Technology at the University of Nijmegen, and a MSc in Plant-Breeding at Wageningen University.
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