• Growing the Next Generation

    Students are already learning in BBBLS Green Classrooms at schools in Norway

  • Education in the 21st Century

    Next generation learning possibilities

    Climate Change

    Perhaps the biggest challenge of our generations and those to come. Learning about the environmental challenges, solutions and the the technologies that enable vital changes should be central in 21st century education.

    ​The Food System

    Food; us humans can't live without it. But since there are more and more of us it becomes increasingly difficult to provide healthy and sustainable food. Learning about essential things as "how are vegetables grown?" is invaluable in primary and secondary education.

    Environmental Classes

    Learning by doing: it is one of the most effective educational strategies. Getting your hands dirty and experimenting in a safe environment makes good students great students!

  • The Natural Science Classroom, reinvented.

    BBBLS is the ultimate sustainable learning environment for students

    Turn Key Delivery

    We design and build your classroom from scratch, exactly how and where you want it. Because of the light weight foil construction, roof placement is almost always on option

    Climate Systems Included

    ​Everything needed to enable a super growing climate is included. Air treatment, soap system or heat pumps; you name it!


    The BBBLS Green Classroom is a modular design and can be built in almost any size to perfectly fit your campus


    Our Green Classrooms are used for a range of different educational topics, such as environmental sciences, biology and sometimes even as an art studio because of the great diffuse natural light the BBBLS provide!

  • A Rooftop Greenhouse?

    Can do! Because of the light weight foil construction, BBBLS classrooms are able to be installed in a wide variety of environments, including rooftops


    The greenhouse increases its insulation values by 10x when the cavities in the walls and roof are filled with our soap bubbles

    Field Trips

    Classes have even traveled to see The Magic Factory and learn about the circular economy taking place there

    Sustainable Technology

    Immerse your students in a next-level green innovative environment

  • The Sydskogen Skole in Norway has a rooftop BBBLS Green Classroom


    Hailed as 'a sensational and child-friendly addition to the environmentally sustainable education at the school' the BBBLS Green Classroom is used to teach students about biology and agriculture and the produce is used in the school kitchen.


    Sydskogen is the first environmental 'Swan' labeled school in the municipality of Røyken, Norway, having been built according to its high environmental standards for the ~400 students and 40 teachers on its campus.

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  • Big Smiles for Sustainability in Schools

    Know of a campus ready to upgrade its facilities? We'd love to help.


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