• Growing the Next Generation

    Students are already learning in BBBLS greenhouses at schools

  • The Sydskogen School in Norway has a rooftop BBBLS greenhouse

    Hailed as 'a sensational and child-friendly addition to the environmentally sustainable education at the school' the BBBLS greenhouse is used to teach students about biology and agriculture, the produce is used in the school kitchen. Sydskogen is the first environmental 'swan' labeled school in the municipality of Røyken, Norway, having been built according to its high environmental standards for the ~400 students and 40 teachers on its campus.

  • A Rooftop Greenhouse?

    Can do! BBBLS greenhouses are able to be installed in a wide variety of environments, including rooftops.


    The greenhouse increases its insulation values by 10x when the bubbles have been deployed.

    Field Trips

    Classes have even traveled to see The Magic Factory and learn about the circular economy taking place there.

  • Big Smiles for Sustainability in Schools

    Know of a campus ready to upgrade its facilities? We'd love to help.

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