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  • Energy Saving Greenhouses

    We build next generation greenhouses with unprecedented 500% energy efficiency

    The Magic Factory (Reklima)

    Client: Reklima AS

    1500 m2 / Delivered 2018 / Tønsberg, Norway / Tomatoes in a circular food-to-waste-to-food system


    Client: Koppert Cress BV

    1000 m2 / Delivery expected Q3 2022 / Monster, The Netherlands / Crop experimentation

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  • Green Classrooms

    We build the ultimate sustainable learning environment for students

    Custom built Green Classroom

    Client: Sydskogen Skole

    81 m2 / Delivered 2019 / Røyken, Norway



    Client: Vestsiden Ungdomsskole

    40 m2 / Delivery expected Q4 2021 / Kongsberg, Norway



    Client: Norwegian University of Life Sciences 

    81 m2 / Delivery expected Q1 2022 / Ås, Norway


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