• What BBBLS is and How It Works

    Learn how we create breakthrough energy savings for food production

  • Key Components

    BBBLS is a combination of green innovations

    Double Pane Construction

    The BBBLS features a sustainable build specially designed double paned roof and wall with large panes of 2,7m * 4m. The interior growing area is the same as any existing greenhouse.

    Bubble Layer Insulation

    When climate, weather or daylight requires it, soap bubbles fill the space between panes and boost insulation by 10 times! When insulation is not required anymore, the bubbles are removed to permit maximum light transmissions.

    Energy Optimization

    Thanks to the low energy loss, we store heat during daytime, and use it to heat up the greenhouse at night. This allows for very high CO2 levels for long periods.

    Real circular food chain

    Our launching customer Reklima has developed an unique 'Digiponics' process to use organic food waste as fertilizer, and close the loop from food-to-waste-to-food!

  • How It Works

    Semi-closed greenhouse with bubble insulation, heat storage and high CO2-levels


    Greenhouse with a BBBLS roof

    Double pane roofing with soap BBBLS in the cavity


    BBBLS construction = High light levels

    82% light transmission due to large panes and use of ETFE-foil


    Semi-closed greenhouse = High CO2-levels

    The greenhouse can stay closed for a long period of time allowing for CO2-levels of 1600ppm resulting in an optimal growing climate


    Bubbles ON = 10x insulation

    The BBBLS reduce energy losses with up to 90%


    Bubbles OFF = High light transmission

    BBBLS allow to vary the light transmission: Open for full transmisison, or closed for diffuse light and insulation


    Excess Heat = Saved for later

    The energy stored during the day is used to heat the greenhouse at night, even at -10°c

  • What's the Value?

    Energy savings created by BBBLS translate into reduced carbon emissions, more consistent food production, higher profitability for farmers, and reduced risk on investment.

  • Proven Results

    We have developed and demonstrated 3 generations BBBLS greenhouses with verified performance

    Heat Loss 0,3~0,5 w/m2K

    We have measured the energy loss in a 1000m2 greenhouse with the whole construction, roofs, walls, construction, doors etc.

    • A traditional greenhouse has a loss of 6-7 w/m2K
    • A modern greenhouse with thermal screens reaches 4-5 w/m2K
    • A BBBLS greenhouse performs at 0,3~0,5 w/m2K

    Light transmissions 82%

    We have measured high-transmission on the plant canopy level, including double foil and construction shading. With the soap BBBLS in the roof up to 50% of light is transmitted as very good diffuse light.

    • A low-iron glass greenhouse averages at 77%
    • A PE-foil greenhouse averages at 70%
    • A BBBLS greenhouse performs at 82%

    CO2-levels 1600ppm

    We are able to maintain high CO2 levels over longer times resulting in an optimal growing climate.

    • A traditional greenhouse averages at 450ppm during venting
    • A traditional greenhouse may reaches 800ppm with CO2-dosing
    • A BBBLS greenhouse performs at 1600ppm

    Experienced greenhouse builders

    With 3 generations of BBBLS greenhouses built, the Design has improved step by step and the company is ready for further growth.

    • Research experiment at Lindum
    • First venlo greenhouse at Poznan
    • First 1000m2 demonstration at Magic Factory
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