• BBBLS & Koppert Cress

    Learn more about our latest project with the most sustainable grower in The Netherlands

  • The Project

    Bringing our BBBLS Technology to Koppert Cress

  • Net-zero Horticulture


    Together with Koppert Cress and other project partners, we will develop a crop experimentation and demonstration BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouse. 


    There will be testing; lots of testing. Comparing BBBLS Technology to conventional greenhouse technology, but also experimenting with new and exciting crops. 


    We've already decided which crop to grow first: Oyster Leaves. A crop known for its humidity challenges and therefore a perfect testcase.

  • At A Glance

    Key facts & numbers

    1000 m2

    A pretty good size for a demonstrator

    € 1.223.850

    Total project budget, funded by REACT EU / Kansen Voor West II

    Q3 2022

    Construction will start, after we further improve our design

    A/B Test

    We will compare situation A (conventional) with situation B (BBBLS)
  • Timeline

    Take a look at our preliminary planning


    Phase 1: Design & Re-Engineering

    Q4 2021 - Q2 2022


    Phase 2: Construction & Test Runs

    Q3 2022 - Q1 2023


    Phase 3: Crop Experimentation & Demonstration

    Q1 2023 - Q4 2023

  • Want To Experience Some BBBLS?

    You can already sign up for a guided tour of the BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouse!

  • Main Objectives

    What we are aiming for within this project

    Prove Energy Efficiency & Consistent Crop Quality

    Testing our technology in the Dutch climate and further improvement of our soap system

    Commercial Redesign 

    Optimising our technology for upscaling and creating an improved user interface for our customers

    Market Entry & Acquiring New Leads

    Implementation into Systems Integration for International Greenhouse Horticulture
  • About Koppert Cress

    Koppert Cress was awarded the King Willem I Prize for most sustainable company in The Netherlands in 2016 and hasn't stopped being innovative

  • Serving Chef's Worldwide


    Koppert Cress is an innovative microgreens grower, located in the Westland horticultural area in The Netherlands. 


    It is always on the lookout for natural, innovative ingredients which chefs can use to intensify the flavour, aroma, or presentation of their dishes; products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of restaurants worldwide. 


    The assortment consist of freshly-sprouted seedlings (cresses) and other edible leaves and flowers (specialties) from 100% natural aromatic plants. 

  • Meet The Most Sustainable Grower in The Netherlands

    Nature as an ally

    "Nature is our supplier, and we strive to protect it. Our continuous goal is to produce as sustainably as possible. From a technical point of view this means by using as little fossil fuels as possible, contributing to the recovery of the earth. That is why we have linked a sustainable and integrated energy system to our greenhouses. All energy sources in the company (systems that produce heat or cold) are interconnected for optimum efficiency."

    No more gas

    "The result: the cultivation area has quadrupled over the years, but gas consumption has been reduced by almost 70% per m2. Preparations are underway to start using heat from a geothermal source, so that we can work completely fossil-free at all locations in Westland. The door is always open to newer techniques, so that the crazy ideas discussed during the Friday afternoon drink result in profitable projects such as the energy roof and canal heat. Everything is possible; it is simply a matter of doing, together with nature and our suppliers."
  • Projects Partners

    Get to know everyone involved

    SIOM Model Integration

    Growers worldwide will be able to simulate a BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouse within the state of the art SIOM Model

    Funding from REACT EU / Kansen Voor West II

    Kansen Voor West is a collaborative union between four provinces and the four biggest cities in The Netherlands, accelerating innovative companies with support from the European Regional Development Fund

    Optimal BBBLS Interface

    The wizards at Worth will help us designing an improved UX

    Feeding the City

    Geographically close to the Westland, The Hague is looking for more sustainable ways to feed the city

    Accelerating Horticulture Innovation

    Within the Greenport West-Holland, companies, government and knowledge institutions work together based on the triple-helix model

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