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    Growing with unprecedented Energy Effiency

  • Growing in the 21st Century

    Energy Transition Challenges for Horticulture

    Energy Prices & Spark Spread

    In Q3 of 2021, energy prices went through the roof because of international tensions and an insufficient natural gas storage. EPEX-spot and TTF markets responded with unprecedented fluctuations both short- and longterm. Furthermore, the spark spread -which is key to profitability for growers using CHP-systems- showed a sharp decrease and is forecasted to continue to decline.

    Carbon Emissions & Taxes

    Although the carbon footprint of the Horticulture industry has been reduced throughout the last decade, it still accounts for the major share of agricultural emissions. With carbon prices on the rise and an increase of taxes, further emissions reduction in the sector is necessary in order to continue operations in the coming decades.

    Renewables Inbalance & Peak-demand

    The future is all electric, but sun and wind aren't always available. Horticulture usually relies on the scarce energy when it's cold outside and has a much lower demand when energy is abundant and it's sunny. Operating with a lower peak-demand and using buffer capacity is essential to reduce peak-demand impact.

  • The Greenhouse, reinvented.

    BBBLS is a next generation greenhouse design for growing with unprecedented energy efficiency​

    Turn Key Delivery

    We design and build your greenhouse from scratch, exactly how and where you want it

    Climate Systems Included

    ​Everything needed to enable a super growing climate is included. Air treatment, soap system, heat pumps or energy storage; you name it!

    Scaleable Up To 2,5 ha

    The BBBLS Greenhouse is a modular design and can be built in almost any size to perfectly fit your operations

    Standard "Venlo" Design

    The Venlo greenhouse is the global standard in horticulture. We have designed the BBBLS Greenhouse to work with all Venlo systems

  • Double Wall ETFE-Foil Greenhouse

    • Suitable for conventional growing and crop management systems
    • Standard "Venlo" roof system
    • Constructed with super durable F-Clean foil

    We Fill The Walls & Roof With BBBLS

    • Dynamic insulation up to 0,49 W/m2/K
    • Dynamic shading (possible for each section)
    • Closed soap system with active recycling
    • Active snow melting and roof cooling possibilities

    Our Greenhouses Are Semi-closed

    • Active air treatment, cooling and dehumidification system
    • CO2 levels up to 1600 ppm
    • Very low disease pressure
    • Extensive water recycling possibilities

    Plants Grow Better

    • 82% PAR light transmission
    • Ultra stable climate at 18W/m2 only
    • Extended growing season
    • Accelerate growth at 1600 ppm

    Zero Carbon Emissions

    • Run on electric heat pumps
    • 90% less heating requirement
    • 40 Whr/m2 heat and cold storage
  • Four Seasons, One BBBLS Greenhouse.

    Our greenhouse can easily adapt to all outside conditions

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