• The Greenhouse, reinvented.

    BBBLS is a next generation greenhouse design for growing with unprecedented energy efficiency

  • X10 Better Insulation 

    80% Energy Saving

    Up To 30% Higher Yield

    Zero Carbon Emissions

  • Tiny Bubbles With 

    A Mighty Impact

    BBBLS uses an innovative method of providing dynamic insulation and shading for greenhouses with soap bubbles

    Save On Operational Costs:

    500% Energy Efficiency   

    Our greenhouse has 90% less heating requirement and extensive heat/cold storage possibilities

    Produce More With Less:

    30% Higher Yield

    Boost your plant growth with high CO2 levels, excellent light transmission and an ultra stable climate

    For The Next Generation:

    Zero Carbon Emissions

    Run your greenhouse all-electric with heat pumps and heat/cold storage at a fraction of the energy

    Very Low Disease Pressure

    Our greenhouse is semi-closed and we use an active air treatment system, making it very hard for bugs to enter

    Good Food, Year-Round

    BBBLS technology allows you to grow crops in greenhouses year-round, even in places that currently have a limited growing season or are vulnerable to increasing climate volatility

  • Curious About Our Technology?

    ​Visit our newest Energy Saving Greenhouse (under construction) @ Koppert Cress!






  • Nature As A Teacher, Roots In Space Travel.

    Find out how our launching customer Reklima uses BBBLS technology

  • Who We Work With


    Commercial growers face many challenges in today's markets. Learn how BBBLS gives growers an advantage by cutting costs and increasing profitability.


    Students are already learning about the future of food production in our Green Classrooms. Discover your students new favourite learning environment.

  • Who We Are

    Committed Team

    We are a dedicated team, working towards realising our dream of healthy food production without waste of energy or other resources. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to expand BBBLS, please check our vacancies.


    Strong Partners

    A strong group of companies and researchers have worked with us from the start to develop BBBLS; check them out!



    Strong Support

    2021 Support from EU REACT / Kansen voor West

    2021 3rd place Dutch T&U Innovation Prize

    2021 Winner Rabobank Westland Innovation Prize

    2020 Nominee Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

    2017 Support from InnovasjonNorge for The Magic Factory

    2014 Support from EU Eco Innovation for Food-2-Waste-2-Food project


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