• The Future of Horticulture

    Welcome to the Magic Pilot

  • Reklima and The Magic Pilot

    Reklima is an interdisciplinary collaboration between BBBLS, scientists, corporate and public partners. Together they demonstrate the potential of fully circular agriculture. The Magic Factory is a Reklima project in Norway that replaces fossil fuel dependent inputs with food waste alternatives to grow climate neutral food all year round. This breakthrough presents a viable way to reuse waste and grow food anywhere on Earth while greatly increasing operational efficiency and market potential.

  • Carbon Negative Tomatoes

    The Magic Factory uses food waste and organic waste to create bio-fertilizers and renewable energy that's then used to grow these absolutely delicious tomatoes at 20% the cost.

    Year Round Production

    The added insulation provided by BBBLS technology allow farms to keep growing all year around.

    Cost Savings

    Give Farms the Edge

    The costs saved by producing using the BBBLS circular methods are substantial. Farmers need all the help they can get in order to survive and thrive in today's globalized markets.

    Official Recognition

    The Minister of Agriculture was one of the many that visited The Magic Factory in November of 2018

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