• Climate engineer

    Environmental Virtuoso – You offer the grower in our greenhouses the tools to grow world-class food at 5 times less energy with zero CO2 emission.



    Challenges, sustainability and independence



    The Company: 

    BBBLS is an innovative fast growing company based in Delft that offers the team a fun working environment, flexible working hours, and a voice in the future of the company. We are a technology company that enables a modern agricultural revolution with a high sustainability impact:

    • We believe we can feed a growing global population with huge energy savings and no carbon emissions.
    • Our climate control abilities stem from a double wall construction filled with soap bubbles, allowing for acclimatization of the system through a manageable, eco-friendly material. The soap provides insulation and adjustable UV light exposure. The goal is to create a desired growing climate, accounting for external climate and seasonality to provide the most favourable conditions for greenhouses.

    The Position:

    the remuneration we offer is a combination of a competitive salary and stock

    • We offer a fun working environment at YES!Delft, the Leading Tech Incubator in Europe
    • We provide a highly challenging technological environment that requires hard work, a creative spirit, curiosity, invention, and lots of hard core engineering
    • Our fast growth allows you to travel/work at project destinations, develop yourself over time and continue to grow with the company in a direction that suits you best


    • Preferably ~5years of proven working experience in designing and implementing climate control systems in horticultural/industrial buildings
    • Ability to simulate system performance in Matlab/Python or C++ is preferred
    • Takes initiative working in a less structured environment and not being bothered by ‘this is not my job’
    • Fluent in English on a professional working level with the ability to think conceptually on academic level



    • Industrial design, installation, operation, and performance of the climate control system as defined on project basis
    • Control, process flow, and instrumentation setup
    • Development of and further innovation in the climate control system
    • Selection of equipment, suppliers, and the technical management of those suppliers


    The Location:

    Delft is a safe city with easy access to public transport and larger cities, close to both The Hague and Rotterdam. It is proving to be a popular option for younger people that desire a modern lifestyle, or families seeking a quieter and more spacious home environment. Surrounding a world-class technical university, it also provides a wealth of different restaurants and bars in a very intellectual environment.


    Why Should You Apply?

    If you want make a difference, become a part of our modern agricultural revolution with high sustainability impact. We can feed a growing global population with dramatic energy savings and no carbon emissions. Join our dynamic team in a fun working environment to make that difference.


    We look forward to hear from you! Please send your resume with an introduction letter to jobs@bbbls.net and we’ll respond within a week. Stay healthy!

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