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With local session in:
Drammen (NO) June 16th
Poznan (PL) June 23rd
Uithoorn (NL) June 23rd

First crops planted

First crops planted!

First crop

Pilot built started

Poznan pilot is on its way
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Poznan pilot

Video pitch

Lindum Pilot Results

The results of the Lindum pilot will be presented at, proof of re-use of organic waste into new food!

Together we can make it happen

Feeding our cities all year around in semi-closed BBBLS greenhouses, using 80% less energy and water. We do so in innovative semi-closed greenhouses were we grow fresh vegetables and fruits all year around. Organic household waste is used to produce energy (for lighting), fertiliser and CO2 (for plant growth). Soap bubbles in a ‘double layer roof’ insulate for outside cold and heat, and provide shade against the sun. We demonstrated the technique with a successful prototype in Norway. At this moment we are building the first commercial scale greenhouse in Poland. Next year we will build in The Netherlands … Are you interested?

The profits are great. Commercial greenhouse growers get 20% more margin because the energy costs go down. Waste companies reduce waste treatment cost tremendously. Metropolitan farming projects can achieve a breakthrough in year round food production.Do you see why it will be successful?

We need you to do it!The development of BBBLS has been funded by the founders and a small group of new shareholders. In the beginning of 2019 we will be looking for additional funding, more info will follow. In case you are already interested please contact us on: