Light construction with high light transmission

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First crops planted

First crops planted!

First crop

Pilot built started

Poznan pilot is on its way
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Poznan pilot

Video pitch

Lindum Pilot Results

The results of the Lindum pilot will be presented at, proof of re-use of organic waste into new food!

High light transmission

To give customers maximal space for their crops and growing systems we have designed the foil greenhouse construction based on Venlo roof construction and can supply up to 8m widespan.  The roof is covered with a double ETFE layer, with a high light transmission and long lifetime. Thanks to the absence of screens the shading caused by construction-elements and screens is minimalized.

BBBLS performance

Source: Plant research international BV, Wageningen, 2006 report 120 and measurements performed by Poznan University on our pilot in Drammen.