90% lower energy with bubble isolation! You can control the isolation and turn it on or off when needed

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First crops planted

First crops planted!

First crop

Pilot built started

Poznan pilot is on its way
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Poznan pilot

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Lindum Pilot Results

The results of the Lindum pilot will be presented at, proof of re-use of organic waste into new food!

Investment level and operational cost

In an industry threatened by rising energy prices, increasing environmental requirements we offer our customers a chance to increase their profit margin! Thanks to the use of existing greenhouse components we have been able to keep building cost low. The bubble cavity is an integrated part of the roof construction, minimalizing extra cost. The simple and straightforward concept of bubble insulation allows us to use already existing process equipment and controls, further reducing extra cost.

Solar energy is recaptured using heat exchangers as part of the bubble system.

Since heating demand is reduced with 80%, expensive Combined Heat Power or geo-thermal heating systems are not required.

All these design features result in an investment level equal to conventional greenhouses, but with 80% less energy and 20% lower operational cost.

For metropolitan farming and waste management companies additional profit can be made with the processing of organic waste into food. The Food-2-Waste-2-Food concept we have developed with our partners allows almost complete re-use of nutrients, CO2 and energy. Resulting in a sustainable and circular economy.

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