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With local session in:
Drammen (NO) June 16th
Poznan (PL) June 23rd
Uithoorn (NL) June 23rd

First crops planted

First crops planted!

First crop

Pilot built started

Poznan pilot is on its way
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Poznan pilot

Video pitch

Lindum Pilot Results

The results of the Lindum pilot will be presented at http://www.ihc2014.org/program.html, proof of re-use of organic waste into new food!

What we believe

We as founders have raised the company because we believe we can make a difference with the BBBLS innovation. We trust that we can achieve a breakthrough in energy use, resource recovery and will drive sustainable local organic food production. The soap insulation innovation is the first step, and all focus lies on getting this market. We want to continue developments in sustainable food production and waste management. At the moment of break-even and positive cash-flow is reached, engineering will be increased and funds will be reserved to develop new solutions. These costs have been included in the forecasts.

Robert and Anton are working full-time on the project and are actively supported by the other 3 shareholders with their know-how, network and energy.

Anton Paardekooper Managing Director

Anton Paardekooper   Managing Director

Anton is an experienced manager from the manufacturing industry, happily married with children. After learning and applying many techniques in high-tech semiconductor industry, he changed via agricultural machinery to environmental technology. Anton is driven to apply solid engineering techniques to green innovations. Together with 4 other entrepreneurs he has founded BBBL Solutions.

Robert Bialek Engineering manager & Designer

Robert Bialek  Engineering manager & Designer

Robert is educated as an environmental engineer in PoznaƄ. After years of work in Poland he decided to finally settle on a small farm among Norwegian forests where inspired by the bubbles technology with the help of friends he managed to build a Scandinavian prototype of environmental friendly greenhouse insulated with foam.

Knut Hovland Sales manager

Knut Hovland  Sales manager

Knut has an extensive network in Norway and East Europe, covering waste and biogas treatment technologies and customers. Knut is our support in sales and lead generation. He has been active in environmental technology for more than 30 years.

Edgar Kampers Boardmember

Edgar Kampers Boardmember

Edgar is boardmember and supports both the company and the Food 2 Waste 2 Food project. Edgar is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been active in environment, policy and sustainability.

Thov Reime Engineer

Thov Reime       Engineer

Thov is Master in Applied Engineering from NTNU. He is specialized in product development and production. He loves to develop mechantronic and mechanical prototypes for research based innovation. He joined our team in summer 2016.