Maximum benefit for communities, by offering local waste handling, locally produced fresh food, energy and pure water.

The profits are great. Commercial greenhouse growers get 20% more margin because the energy costs go down. Waste companies reduce waste treatment cost tremendously. Metropolitan farming projects can achieve a breakthrough in year round food production. Carbon footprint will go down with 99%:
co2 reduction

And pay back will increase with 667%!
NPV bbbls vs traditiona

Do you see why it will be successful?

We focus on 3 key markets:

  • Commercial growers
  • Waste treatment
  • Metrolitan farming projects

For commercial growers our concept reduces operational cost with 20%.

For waste treatment companies the BBBLS greenhouse allows for year round processing of organic waste into fertilizer, CO2 and food and reducing waste treatment cost. Waste treatment cost of 40€ per tonne can be reduced to 4€.

Metropolitan farming project can achieve a breakthrough in local sustainable food, providing local food year round at competitive price levels.