• A Modern Agricultural Revolution

    with high Sustainability Impact

    We can feed a growing global population with huge energy savings and no carbon emissions

  • What is BBBLS?

    A next generation greenhouse design for growing with unprecedented efficiency

    Tiny Bubbles with Mighty Impact

    BBBLS uses an innovative method of providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles. This enables the production of high quality food with much less energy

    Good Food All Year Round

    BBBLS technology allows us to grow food in greenhouses all year long in places normally limited to growing seasons and vulnerable to increasing climate volatility.

    500% Energy Efficiency

    BBBLS greenhouses have been scientifically proven to deliver crops with only 20% the energy compared to conventional operations

  • Who We Work With


    Commercial growers face many challenges in today's markets. Learn how BBBLS give growers an advantage by cutting costs and increasing profitability.


    Students are already learning the future of food production. Check out the BBBLS greenhouse at a school in Røyken, Norway.

  • Who We Are

    Committed team

    We are a dedicated team, working to realize our dream. We are looking for enthusiastic people to expand BBBLS, please check our vacancies!

    Strong partners

    A strong group of companies and researchers have worked with us the develop BBBLS and show it to the world, check them out

    Strong support

    We have been nominated for the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2020

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    Interested in having the greenhouse of the future for your farm or school?

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